News 02/09/2022

Alternate Souls: Return of the Hero’s – Product Exchange Update

Hello Everyone~ We hope you are enjoying Alternate Souls!
Some people have messaged us with concerns about mispackaged products that included the wrong cards or acrylic figures. In addition, we also received images of broken characters, or misprinted KS rewards. For those of you who have had problems with the initial release of Alternate Souls and require a fix, please email the following information:

Full Name:
Shipping Address: (City, Country, Zip)
Description of what item needs replacement:
Picture showing the error**:
Description of what you are missing:

To this address:

We will fix what we can and ship the replacements to you!
Thank you for your understanding and we appreciate your patience in this matter.
**Without a visual, we will not be able to address your issue. If it is a misprint, please show an image of what the correct version should be via a receipt, along with a photograph of the received item.

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